The Elevator Game: Are You Brave Enough to Try?

Good evening gals and ghouls! I have noticed lately that your favourite post of mine is the 3 Scary Games We Played As Kids, SO, I decided to make a couple of continuations of that post and talk about more scary games that you may or may not have played. I’m going to cover things such as mirror games, childhood songs, Halloween games, etc. But today we are going to talk about a game that am way too chicken to even bother trying and it is called the Elevator Game. If you’re brave enough to give it a go, keep on scrolling. 

What Is It?

The Elevator Game comes to us from Japan and South Korea and some people even consider it to be a “ritual” more than a game. The belief is that successful completion of this game will transport you to an alternate universe, but many things can go very wrong and leave you haunted for the rest of your life. Do you want to summon a creepy lady and go to an alternate universe via an elevator? Let’s go!

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Photo courtesy of ClassyWish depicting Elisa Lam elevator footage

**NOTE** Some people believe that in the case of Elisa Lam (if you have not heard this story, don’t worry, you will soon!) she was playing this game in the elevator footage that was released to the public during the investigation of her mysterious death at the Cecil Hotel in California.

What Do You Need?

  1. Players: Some sources say that more than one player can participate at a time, but the more traditional route is that you MUST play this alone or the “ritual” will not be completed successfully.
  2. A Building: This building must consist of a minimum of 10 accessible floors.
  3. An Elevator: You can’t play an elevator game without an elevator, so make sure that the building you choose has access to working elevators that take you to the minimum of 10 floors.

The Rules

  1. Follow the order of floors precisely, if you falter, it will not work.
  2. Do NOT speak to, look at, or acknowledge the strange woman should she enter the elevator.
  3. Follow the same order of floors when you are finished with the game and wish to return to our world.

Game Play

  1. Enter the building of your choice and go directly to the elevator.
  2. When the elevator arrives, enter completely alone. If someone else enters the elevator with you, you must exit and wait for another elevator to come so you can ride by yourself. (This rule applies to each of the following steps. Should anyone else enter the elevator on each floor, you must forfeit the game and exit the building directly and as soon as possible.) 
  3. Once on the elevator, press the button to bring you to the fourth floor. 
  4. Upon arrival at the fourth floor, DO NOT exit the elevator and then press the button for the second floor.
  5. Upon arrival at the second floor, DO NOT exit the elevator and then press the button for the sixth floor.
  6. Upon arrival at the sixth floor, DO NOT exit the elevator and then press the button for the second floor again.
  7. Upon arrival at the second floor, DO NOT exit the elevator and then press the button for the tenth floor.
  8. Upon arrival at the tenth floor, DO NOT exit the elevator and then press the button for the fifth floor. 
  9. Just as with the other floors, do not exit upon arrival at the fifth floor. However, at this time, a mysterious looking woman may enter the elevator with you. Do not acknowledge her, to not look at her, do not speak to her and do not leave.
  10. Press the button for the first floor. At this time, the elevator will either descend to the first floor, meaning the ritual was unsuccessful, or it will begin to rise which means you are heading to the alternate universe up on the tenth floor. If the elevator brings you to the first floor, you MUST leave immediately, get out of the building and DO NOT look back.
  11. If the elevator successfully reaches the tenth floor, you must immediately exit the elevator. The mysterious woman may ask you where you are going or what’s wrong but you should not for any reason respond to her.
  12. Congratulations! You have made it to the alternate universe.

The “Other World”

Image result for red hallway
Photo courtesy of Tumblr

In this “Other World,” you will be completely alone. Electronics such as cell phones will not work, so no Snapchat! (Sorry)
Additionally, this new world will look identical to our real world save for two main differences. First, the lights will be off and the light switches will not work. Second, the only light will be a red glow coming in through the windows.
The woman from the elevator may be seen in this world, but you must ensure that you still avoid all contact with her. If you speak to, look at, or otherwise acknowledge her, she will claim you as her own – What this means, I do not truly know.

How Do I Get Back?!

Getting back to our world is rather simple if you have followed all rules up to this point. However, things can go awry if you do not continue to follow instructions to come back home.

  1. Re-enter the same elevator that you arrived into the “Other World” in. It MUST be the same elevator, so make sure you remember which one you used.
  2. Visit each of the floors that you did to arrive to this alternate universe in the same order; 4-2-6-2-10-5.
  3. When you arrive at the fifth floor, press the button to return to the first floor. 
  4. Don’t be alarmed when the elevator ascends back towards the tenth floor instead of bringing you back down, this is a part of the ritual. You may stop this ascension by pressing any lower floor button before arriving at the tenth floor. This will cancel out the tenth floor call. You may now return to the first floor.
  5. When you arrive back to floor one, ensure that nothing seems out of place. If everything seems to be normal, you must exit the elevator and the building immediately without stopping for any reason.

The ritual is now complete.

Side Effects/Aftermath

People have reported that in the “Other World,” you may feel dizzy and disoriented as you venture around the new space. It is highly important that you breathe deeply and try to keep yourself calm and concentrated as much as possible or you may lose consciousness.
Should you faint or lose consciousness in this alternate universe, you may wake up in your own home on a couch or bed that you typically sleep on. Please do not be mistaken, this is not your real home and could be the “Other World” or even another universe all together. In this case, additional steps would need to be taken to return, however… My research did not allow me to find these steps.

Regarding the Mysterious Woman

Image result for elevator game
Photo courtesy of Amino Apps

As I stated before, you are not to make any contact with this strange woman who may join you on your journey. She is malevolent and can claim you as her own. Should you accidentally make contact, things will no longer be the same even if you successfully end the ritual and return to the real world.
People have reported seeing her in their homes, out in public and at their workplace, often whispering things into their ears and trying to control their every move. Nightmares may occur where you are in a different world with her and you are her slave. She will make you do unspeakable things. There is no known way to get rid of her at this point. You belong to her.


So it’s time for you to tell me in the comments below, would you ever try the Elevator Game? Do you believe that it’s even real? I have to say that I’m skeptical, but I do believe that there are alternate universes or realms that are parallel to ours. Can an elevator take us to a malevolent realm? Well, I certainly have no clue. But I’m also certainly not willing to give it a try myself.
Leave a comment down below to let me know if you like these game-related posts and what you want to see next! Also comment your favourite Halloween tradition! Mine is watching Halloweentown and decorating the house with my family 🙂

Until next time friends… Keep it spooky!


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