Welcome to Nightscrawlers! 

Nightscrawlers is a passion project that was started because of my love of all things spooky! I have always had a fascination for everything from horror movies and books, to haunted places, to serial killers and all of the disturbing things that most little girls don’t tend to love. This is the place where I will be sharing some of my favourite information about the things that I love the most. Late in 2018, we hit a wonderful success as we were published in the October issue of Top5’s Thriller Magazine. You can access this magazine by purchasing the app in any app store for $4.99 CAD.

My name is Kelsi and I am from Canada. I am a musician and a writer and have always dreamed of having a job that allows me to share my favourite things in life. Although this is not my paying job, I love spending my free time writing stories and articles for everyone to enjoy!

I am a graduate of  Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College, also having completed courses in Addictions, Forensic, and Abnormal Psychology. Following that, I completed a certificate in Public Relations from the University of Toronto, and in April of 2022, I graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioural Science from Humber College.

Although I did not go to school for writing, I have been a journalist for multiple outlets both online and in print and I have loved writing and research my entire life. My obsession with horror started when I was very young and saw my first “scary” movie, The Village. From that point forward I was absolutely hooked!

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or concerns about anything you see on this website. I am always looking for people to learn from and collaborate with and I would love to talk to you.

*Disclosure Policy*

1. All images shown on this website are my own, unless stated otherwise.

2. You are more than welcome to share any content you find on the blog, but I do request that you hyperlink back to the original post if you do decide to share.

3. Many topics included in blog posts are sensitive and may disturb you. If you are easily upset by topics surrounding murder, horror or the paranormal, please be advised.