Japanese Games That Will Scare The Sh*t Out Of You

Welcome back to Nightscrawlers gals and ghouls! Last week we talked about the scariest horror games that children play in the Western World, and this week we’re jumping across the globe to a whole other continent! Today we are going to explore some of the scariest Asian games that will have you questioning what some people consider fun. These are the scariest bunch that I could find on the internettywebs…. Please comment below if you have anything to add to the list! 

It’s relatively common for children all over the world to have a sort of fascination with scaring the crap out of themselves, however; the following games, in my humble opinion, cross so many lines and would, at 23-years-old, scare me half to death. Some kids are crazy, no doubt. How scary do you think these are?! You decide!


Courtesy of Pinterest.com

Tsuji-ura, also called “The Fortune Game”, can be played alone or with a group of friends. All you will need to play this game is a comb and something to cover your face (ie. a sheet, cloth, etc.). It is said that many years ago, Japanese players committed suicide after playing the game as they did not like the predictions they received, so please, play this at your own risk. Also… Completing these tasks is a fantastic way to get kidnapped or injured.

How to Play:
Step 1: 
Take the required materials and walk to a crossroads after the sun goes down.
Step 2: Create a noise using the comb by running your fingers along the teeth three time and chant the following phrase three times: “Tsuji-ura, Tsuji-ura, grant me a true response.”
Step 3: Wait for a stranger to pass by. Keep in mind that it must be a true stranger, and not someone that you know in any capacity. When a stranger passes by, you, and any other players, must cover your face.
Step 4: Ask the stranger to tell you your fortune. If the stranger does not answer or refuses to tell you, you must wait for another stranger to pass.

As many of you may know, it is believed in some cultures that ghosts and Devils can be found at crossroads during the evening hours, after the sun has gone down. The main goal behind this game is to receive an accurate fortune, from a ghost or Devil.

Elevator To Another World

Courtesy of scaryforkids.com

This game is Korean in origin, but has been played in many Asian countries for decades. For this game, you must play alone. This means that you must ensure that you play when no one else is in the elevator with you. In this case, I highly recommend you play this game, mainly because I’m curious as to whether or not it actually works. But as always, please be careful if you choose to complete this ritual.

How to Play:
Step 1: Enter the elevator, alone, in a building that has a minimum of ten floors.
Step 2: You must visit six floors in the following order, 4-2-6-2-10-5. On the fifth floor, a woman will enter the elevator with you. Do not speak to her or look at her.
Step 3: Press the button to go back down to the first floor. The elevator should begin rising to the tenth floor instead, when you arrive at the tenth floor, you will have entered a different world. You may get out and explore.
Step 4: The woman will ask “Where are you going?”. You should not ever answer her.
Step 5:  To return back to your world, you must visit the same six floors in the same order. When you then try to return to the first floor, you will be successfully back in your own realm.

The one thing you must be aware of is that do to overwhelming feelings of anxiety in the mystery world, you may faint or pass out. If you do, when you wake you will find yourself in your own home, however you will not have successfully returned to your world. There is no known way to return back home if you pass out in the mystery realm.

One-Man Hide and Seek

Courtesy of crazyscarygames.com

One-Man Hide and Seek, also known as hitori-kakurenbo, is a ritual used to contact the dead. Much like a Ouija board, this game is not recommended to play. But, if you do wish to try your hand at it, you must complete it from start to finish. You must not leave the ritual part way through. For this game you will need a stuffed doll with all of its limbs, rice, crimson thread, a needle, a knife or scissors, a cup of salt and a hiding place.

How to Play:
Step 1: 
Remove all of the stuffing from the doll and replace it with rice. It must be fully packed.
Step 2: Cut your finger nails and place the clippings inside the doll.
Step 3: Stitch the doll up using the crimson thread, and then wrap the doll up in the remaining thread.
Step 4: Fill your bathtub with water and place a cup of salt water in the hiding place.
Step 5: Name the doll (the name must be different than your own)
Step 6: At three AM with all of the lights in your home turned off, say to the doll “(Your Name) is the first it,”
Step 7: Place the doll in the tub of water and retreat to your hiding place and turn on a TV or Stereo before closing your eyes and counting to ten.
Step 8: Once you have counted to ten, return back to the tub with a knife and say “I have found you, (The doll’s name)” before stabbing it with the knife.
Step 9: Tell the doll “You are the next it, (The doll’s name)” and place it back down, then retreat back to your hiding place and remain silent. The doll will then attempt to find you. After 10 minutes, if you have managed to hide from the doll, this means you are safe.
Step 10: Pour half of the cup of water into your mouth and hold it there while you leave the hiding place and look for the doll. It will not necessarily be in the bathroom where you left it.
Step 11: When you find the doll, pour the remaining salt water over it and then spit the water in your mouth on it as well before saying “I win!” three times. This will end the ritual.

Once you have finished, you must dry off and destroy the doll. If you live with other people, please keep in mind that this may put them in danger as well as yourself. It is unknown exactly what will happen if the doll finds you, because no one has lived to tell the tale.

That’s it for this week’s issue of Nightscrawlers! I hope you all enjoyed and if you are brave enough to try any of these games, please leave a comment down below and let us know what you experienced! If you’re interested in learning more about games similar to this, I have linked two videos here and here for you to check out! Let them know that you came from Nightscrawlers too. If you have any suggestions for future stories or anything you would like to know, tweet me @kelsimarie1330!

Until next time… Keep it spooky!

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