An Honest Review of Satanic

**WARNING** Potential spoiler alert – But I will try my best not to ruin it!

Due to the fact that all of us are coming down with this deadly flu that is sweeping across Ontario right now, I’m sure many of you can relate to the struggle of trying to find something good to watch on Netflix to pass the time. Now, I am all about horror movies as you all know, but what I sometimes love even more is a really crappy horror movie. Something along the lines of “The Chosen” (if you haven’t seen it, it’s on Netflix now). So when I came across the movie “Satanic” on  Netflix, I was expecting nothing but the worst. Simply based on the short synopsis and the poster itself, I chose to watch this movie with my boyfriend and hope for the worst! But today I am here to tell you about how this movie pleasantly surprised me! 

Brief Synopsis

The synopsis provided by Netflix and IMDB is:
“Four friends on their way to Coachella stop off in Los Angeles to tour true-crime occult sites, only to encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to ultimate horror.”

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Now as you can probably imagine, when I first read this little blurb and saw the image that went along with it (depicted below), I was expecting just the most ridiculously terrible horror film that would make me laugh more than anything else. However, there was hope from the very beginning that this would not be as horrid as I imagined it would be because the main character of the film, Chloe, is played by Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland. I only watch the show on occasion, but knowing that she is a professional and accomplished actress made me just a little bit more intrigued about the film right from the start.

I don’t want to tell you too much about the film because this is definitely one that I hope you guys watch on your own, but I will tell you one thing… Shit goes crazy REAL quick. Not quite as fast as Blair Witch, but definitely quick enough to make you pause the movie and go… Holy crap. One second here. Let me get myself together. However, at no point does the movie feel like it’s going too fast or too slow. Which genuinely surprised me due to the fact that this movie is only an hour and a half long (barely).

My Opinion

This movie is fantastic, now let me tell you why. It seems as though the creators of the film knew that the premise of the story was kind of crap… My boyfriend and I genuinely watched this movie expecting it to be terrible to the point of hilarity, but since they knew it was not going to be highly regarded based on the synopsis, they had the freedom to really go hard or go home. The only thing that I kind of guessed was the twist at the very end (you’ll see when you watch it.. if you don’t want to watch it then Google it or tweet me @kelsimarie1330).

The moment when this movie really caught my attention was when the groups stranger friend dies very dramatically (I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to not spoil this movie so I’m sorry if this is super awkward). It 100% caught me off guard and showed me that the filmmakers were no joke in this project.

My last thought about this movie (since I’m struggling so hard to not spoil the entire thing), is the one part that I still don’t understand the relevance of. If you have seen this movie and have insight as to what I’m speaking about here, please send me a message and let me know what the heck was going on because I have some theories in terms of like other-worldly stuff (that made no sense), but I don’t actually know what the point was.

At one point in the movie, Chloe is sitting in her friend’s van and looks out the window to see a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk. She looks away and tries avoid any awkward situations but when she looks back at him before they drive off, he is gone and so are all of his belongings. My first thought was that he is the devil… But now I kind of think that this is when we see them either go back in time or enter an alternate dimension of some sort? Will somebody please tell me if I sound crazy or if this could be a legitimate thing?

That’s it for this honest review of Satanic. I really want to spoil everything about this movie, but this is one of the first times that I have been so surprised by a film on Netflix that I actually just want all of you to experience it for yourselves, rather than me tell you all about it. I’m hoping this will bring you all back to Nightscrawlers with some good conversation about the film in the comments! If you have theories of your own, I would LOVE to hear them so leave them in the comments down below or tweet me @kelsimarie1330. 

Until next time… Keep it spooky!




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